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I do 2D and 3D Motion, Branding Visual Design, and more! 

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Good LUC South

Branding Design for South Taiwan Film Organization., Taiwan.



This is a Visual design case for a compound activities hosted by South Taiwan Film Organization.

This event includes film screenings, markets and electronic music activities. My design concepts came from the title name: There are nobles in the south. I create Peace Talisman shapes as layout and put a God of Peace with hand gestures cooking with disk represents electronic music and markets as the main character. And the duck represents the cute vibe.

The color concepts came from two different posters from two different organizers, I have to think up a way to blend them together. So I pick up one major color is green and orange with abstract shapes, and the other is orange with mountains, which represents two different organizers, and expanding colors and more patterns from these two major colors.